Amazing things to do in Dandeli if you are travel Junkie!

Dandeli is perfect treat for your eyes and mind if you are nature lovers. Though this small town every nook and corner out here is simply worth to explore. The healthy flaura and Fauna out here allows you be with nature. Here are some top notch things to do in Dandeli, some of them are as follows:- River Rafting in Dandeli:- This is an extremely famous sport done by wearing all kind of safety gears. The different grade of rapids Read more

Up rise your travel quotient by visiting these amazing places at Dandeli!

Dandeli is bestowed with the beauty of nature and gift of wildlife. This amazing destination situated in Karnataka gives you peace and perfect reason to take a short break. If you are first time visitor in Dandeli then it’s must to have a look on these places, some of them are as follows: River Rafting: – If you love adventure sport then nothing could beat the beauty of Dandeli white river rafting. Activity done on the River Kali is simply perfect to Read more

Advantages of home stay in India

In India it is believed that, “Athithi Devo Bhava” i.e., “The Guest is God”. Indians believe it a vast tribute to have guests at their place, and they love to entertain them. There’s nobody like Indian generosity. Wretchedly, many guests who come to India and reside in hotels certainly not get to practice true Indian generosity. The best craze is that all this is shifting as a consequence of the rising fame of homestays in Dandeli. A homestay is comparable Read more

5 reasons to visit Dandeli and stay in Best Resort

Dandeli is the place located in Karnataka. The immense range of natural places, thick wild life and undisturbed landscapes are perfect to give you immense reasons of coming here again and again. There are immense reasons for booking your stay at Dandeli, some of them are as follows:- Peace and unwinding in lap of nature: – If you are bored with daily hustle and bustle, then do go for booking a stay at Best Resort in Dandeli. The melodious sound Read more

Advantages of booking hotels and resorts in Dandeli

The nature of wonderlands and thick wildlife in Dandeli is simply amazing to relax and rejuvenate. The place is incredible and has various options for all age groups, here are few advantages of hotels and resorts booking Dandeli, some of them are as follows:- Green lush forests: – Even hotels and resorts are situated in amidst of the jungle that makes you forget everything and be in lap of nature. The morning chirping of birds is perfect to give you Read more


Dandel for an exciting holiday with a difference, visit the enchanting Jungle Camp Resort and stay in one of Dandeli jungle camp. Dandeli Jungle Camp is located in the serene lush greenery of the Unexplored Jungles of Dandeli, the lush green forest is one of the real beauty you would rarely find, here one can really feel the difference when they are woken up with the sweet rhymes of the birds singing and the fresh cool air which gets into Read more