Laguna Water Sports & Resorts

Laguna Water Sports & Resorts

There are places on this earth where an undiscovered paradise awaits visitors to bask in their beauty. LAGUNA RIVER RESORTS is one such place. We at Ganeshgudi, dandeli welcomes you to come stay and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and soothing experience. The incredible views from our cottages with private sit-outs would be incentive enough to spend a few days here, but where would a resort be without great amenities? We offer spacious sites and fun organized activities. A Grand dining hall offers a variety of cuisines. . Our list of water sports is extensive with Legendary river Kali , great fishing spots, boating, Adventure water sports like rafting, zipline, kayak etc and exceptional weekly holiday . There will never be a dull moment!

Riverside Resorts is like a postcard from Dandeli come to life. Come visit our resort, and get a glimpse of paradise.

Laguna Water Sports & Resorts

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Tariff Includes

All meals · Fire Camp · Nature walk · Boating
River jacuzzi or river swimming· Kayaking

Special Tariff after discount per head per night Price is

Rs. 3000 /- Rs.4000